Flekz 6 - The fall of Flekz by Flekz
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Eredar ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
Please read before watching!

So finally it's done, after 1 month of editing and over 25 hours of rendering my final movie is here to give the Flekz Fire series a worthy end. I'm not that happy with how the movie turned out in the end but well...

I know that some of the music is pretty overused but it just fits well for my movie. The credits at the beginning are of course overdone, don't take that to serious ;)
I want to apologize for any language mistakes I could have done and for some low framerate pvp clips at the end of the movie... I had some major hard- and sofrware issues at the end.

I just want to make my intention of this movie clear!
It is -NOT- my intention to show any kind of special pvp or skill. My gear is totally crap and so it's pretty much impossible to deliver some uber 1 vs x scenes as a firemage.
Apart from that WoW has just become such a bad game and pvp so senseless that I'm probably going to quit WoW after this movie, dunno if there will be any further movies from me in the future, I might be interested in some more machinima...

No, my intention with this movie is to show how much a little bit creativity and effort can make an average pvp movie special. Because this is something I pretty much miss in most pvp movies... when authors (atleast try to) go the extra distance to make their movie stand out from the rest.

Having said this, have fun and make great movies in the future!
Goodbye :)

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