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Hey Guys!

I would like to present you my latest movie which is not World of Warcraft related. Since I have made many WoW movies and now I am taking a break I have decided to challange myself on another field of movie making but with sticking to the Warcraft universe.

This is a teaser of an upcoming story line movie that pictures an alternate stoy of Kalimdor while the battle against the Lich King is going. All the materials are from simple Warcraft III The Frozen Throne editor, means:

For all the scenes I made 1-1 maps myself, put down the camera objects, triggered the events then fraps the outcome. After all these I made some afterwork in Sony vegas ( effects and adding extra sounds )

Sounds: i used some random sounds from the well known movie : 300. I think it boosts the feeling quite alot. Since i really like to catch some nice moments from other movies ( still sounds we are talking about ) I think I will use some for the long movie too but I hope I can get some talented voice actors :)

The Story: Just to make it short and do not spoil the entire story I can tell it is about a Paladin called Dawn, who thinks God left him and he is not a favoured anymore. He seeks battles from one to the another to prove himself till something happenes that changes the shape of the Southern continents. While the Alliance and the Horde are battling with the Lich King, Arthas' most powerful follower arrives to Kalmidor to destroy the unguarded lands. But he is not alone! The Necromancer made a secret pact with the Burning Legion and uses demonic powers and the most important, Arthas does not know about his pact ...

This is a Story about the ones who stood and got such an important role as the ones fighting against Arthas.

This is going to be about 1.5 hour long movie, just started to write the scenes and currently looking for talented voice actors. Since Warcraft III is still one of the most successful RTS game and still popular I dare to share this movie with you guys and since Warcraft III is the mother of World of Warcraft ( I believe ) I hope you will like it.

Thank you for reading it, enjoy!



I am currently looking for 5 reliable voice actors for the following characters:

- Dawn the very main paladin character of the story ( 40 years old )
- Main elf female character who leads the armies of the Night Elfs ( age is not relevant here, young and calm female voice needed )
- The Dwarf brothers (2x) they are representing the dwarfs and supply the movie with humour.
- Orc Warlords (2x) Aged veteran warriors, they are the leaders of the Horde in the story.

These are the most important characters but I will certainly need more for the movie. If you think you fit with any of the characters please message me on this site, thanks!
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