The Peasant: Cost of Freedom Trailer by Farinar Productions
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Movie Summary
[i]“An era shall end, and a new one shall begin..”[/i]
Farinar Films and Angsty Studios Present:
[b]The Peasant[b]

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This is the trailer for the latest Farinar Films machinima entitled “The Peasant: Cost of Freedom.” Three chapters are planned, with the ability to expand the universe through other kinds of media like short-stories and such. The trailer is composed into two “parts”. The first part is the introprologue for the movie itself, which was added to give the audience the backstory they need before the movie is released. Ofcourse it will also be in the movie. The second part is clips from the movie itself and all the other nice things you’d expect to find in a trailer.

It will be a drama-movie, but it will not be the usual "one man has the power to destroy the evil Arthas Lich King bad guy and there will be war lolz"-movie. It will be a movie about inner conflicts, finding yourself and ofcourse friendship and believing in your dreams.

[i]~The movie takes place about 30 years before WoW. The Peasant tells the story of Thomas McGill, the son of a farmer living in Westfall. The kingdom of Stormwind is flourishing and has expanded greatly. Because of this, King Llane Wrynn is not able to rule over all of it at once. That's why he has appointed the nobles of his kingdom with the task of ruling over small bits of his kingdom, which results in Westfall being ruled over by the malicious Lord Drakenmoore.

Lord Drakenmoore isn't very nice towards the poor farmers, and demands too high taxes in order to supply his own private army, which will make him capable of oppressing the farmers even more. If his people doesn't pay they are visited by "The General" (that's his name), who will beat them up, kill their caddle or even kill the family and burn their farm to the ground. Thomas lives with his parents in Westfall, and one day their harvest fails. This means that they cannot earn any money and thereby not pay the Lord… ~ [/i]

The trailer was due to be out sooner, but I had to redo almost everything of it, as my external harddrive collapsed and killed all the files, including the backup. Anyway, here it is.

The cast-list is:
J.L. Jeremiah - WoWBeef, Unbroken
Matt Greenburg - Tales of the Past
Glenn "Caruu" Govan - Plenty of stuff
Ezra Fergusson - Return
Kristina Murdaugh - Nothing warcraft-esque

I want to thank a couple of people here:
- Craig Kesicke for the awesome soundtrack you’ve provided for the trailer and will provide for the movie! Also, thanks for your enthusiasm about the project.
- Eades for allowing me to work with the Angsty Team, thanks for your support and interest!
- Origano, thanks for your enthusiasm about the whole project and the great company you’ve provided during the production of the trailer.
Release date: 2009.

Please give positive criticism, as flaming will be reported. I like criticism but not the personal one. And anyone who goes “omg wher is arthas lol 1/1/1/1” will be reported as well:-)

EDIT: Thank you all for your nice criticism! It's been great to read and hear that you all like the movie. The blinking eyes are being fixed for the real movie. Also, I'm planning to release another trailer when I'm further with the project, to announce the releasedate!

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