GarthD 6 - Madness by Garthd
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Blackrock ( Glutsturm )
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Stream is up - be aware of quality loss

After a long time I am finally able to release a new movie. I have not found my way back into the arena since my WoW break in summer 2008 but I am still around and enjoy making movies.

Expect to see a storyline-based intro continuing the events of "Garthd 5". The footage shown was captured pre 3.1 (fury and def) and during the first week after the release of 3.1 (arms).

***This movie is for entertainment purpose only. You most likely are going to see some scrubs in it, since I am not trying to show off my skills or whatever. I selected the fights depending on how well they fit my editing-style rather than by the skill of my opponents***

Special thanks to Caruu for lending me his voice-acting skills once again.

- visit him @ -

Storyline started with GarthD 4 - Nightmare

Continued in GarthD 5 - Who Am I
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