Pin for the Win - Hunter/Druid 2v2 by Arglen
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Frostmane ( Misery )
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Arglen's Arena Team 1
Mummrah Ragefall
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Hello there!
I used to play a rogue called Argeln (of whom you may have seen some movies) but I rerolled hunter in WoTLK, looking for a challenge. Ironically, hunters were overpowered in season 5. However now in season six, we've been tuned down a bit and I hope it will be different now.

The footage in this video was taken during patch 3.1, in the first week of us playing hunter/druid (with neither of us having played it before). You won't see any ret+healer fights though, simply because they rape us (nerf).

Our opponents' rating varies from 1900-2200 at the time it was recorded. We've only been able to play a fair few games because of lack of time, but I'm confident we can push the rating and go for a top spot soon enough.

Music list:

30 seconds to mars: Edge of the Earth
30 seconds to mars: The Kill
Powerman 5000: Action
07 Lemon & Einar K - The Oslo Syndrome
02 Ashley Wallbridge & Andy Moor feat. Meighan Nealon - Faces
08 Stoneface & Terminal - Stardust
12 Richard Durand feat. Simon - Always The Sun (Dub Mix)

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