Pwnage Like Us Feat. Nyhm, Gigi & Druidboyz by Vixed
Class: Death Knight | Category: Machinima | Server : US - Kalecgos ( Shadowburn )
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Movie Summary
This video was a collaboration & I'm posting on behalf of all 5 of us:

Gigi (The hunter)
Nyhm (The warlock)
Demineon (The druid)
Abandontion (The rogue)
Quix0tica (machinimator)

Since Gigi and I had to make multiple renders, the video lost much of its quality and for this I'm sorry. Hope you guys like it & sadly it's Nyhms last video too :(

LYRICS: [Chorus]
No one in the BG has pwnage like us,
Pwnage like us, pwnage pwnage like us.
No one in the BG has pwnage like us,
Pwnage like us, pwnage pwnage like us.
No one in the BG has pwnage like us,
Pwnage like us, pwnage pwnage like us.
No one in the BG has pwnage like us,
Pwnage like us, pwnage pwnage like us.

PVPGurl's in the buildin',
KB's on a hundred, thousand, trillion.
'Ey yo, The Battle Ground is my domain
Release my pet and you're gonna feel the pain.
check the score board, do we even gotta question?
Farming HK's, ya, this is my obsession
My spirit beast has a nasty bite, Like Britney babysitting
It'll leave a thick impression
My Pwn is Stallone
Every time I Rambo attack, I do it with aggression
Why you so mad for, just keep to your discretion
'Cause I'ma take you down, there is no prevention
Na na na...
How it feel? I'm askin' cuz I gotta wonder...
Na na na na na...
getting your ass kicked by a girl hunter?


(no one in the BG) gotta lock like me
Im still rockin lock in the death knight spree
(no one in the BG) up on top like me
Cuz i got more game then nessingwary
Cuz i put on display when im dottin my prey
Dottin dottin my prey
Dottin dottin my prey
I dont need skill with the class that I play
But my heads all calloused rollin on the keys everyday
Yea I hear you claimin that you pwn
But my fear's gotcha you runnin when im catchin you alone
School of pimp locks, I'm a grad
With that red and black flag,ally, betcha getin mad
Its ova, leave you stranded in the anchients, disgrased in the basin
(ova), Quatro cappin eye of the storm so damn fast like we racin


No one in the BG got pwnage like us
Trust, cuz I'm too leet for that stuff Stay on top like PVP Genius
See us, can't touch, never defeated
Allies scream "Oh please, no more"
Run up in they shit, kill all four bosses
Runnin this game like no one else is
No one has pwnage cuz we all stole it
When it comes to forms, I got several
Crit so high I make em all tremble and
My Epic gear will make you settle
The type of shit to make you QQ forever Rules stay followed, stay true to what I do Write your name on MySpace, make you feel special
Ha! I don't even gotta talk no more! Let out the beast Next verse let GG Game over


Everybody knows that I'm the battleground exterminator,
Defeat ya, say asta La Vista, like I'm the Terminator,
The epic crusader, consumed by darkness like Vador
Like Anakin Walker with Sabers
I'll slice you and leave you taperd',
I'm the deadliest pro, hurtin' my foes, Shadow dance for sho,
Shadow step followin' crucial blows, the stuns of crowd control
I'm freeing your soul for the sake of you being bold,
You can flee if you wanna fold, or retreat to your safest hold
I'll bleed you and over heat you, for thinking your blood is cold
You're nothing, Id have a tougher time fighting an eskimo
You think that you got me
but when I vanish momentum grows,
I'll sap you plus when you think that I'm leaving I'll sap some more
I choose to do my best PVPing, breaking the rules,
You snooze and you loose, I show and prove, and give you the blues
Im not amused by you dudes that confuse yourselves as a jewl If you see me then bring your tools if your moves are not on some cools

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