Ginga's Sony Vegas / Fraps Tutorial by Ginga1
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Im answering questions about this tutorial and stuff about Fraps / Vegas in my blog @

*** You need to download this movie to get all out of the quality ! ***

If you got questions to ask please use the "DISCUSS" link or copy+pasta this one - - Im trying to answer as many questions here as I can but it would be so much more easier on the forums.


Lots of people have been asking about my latest pvp movie that how did I get such a great quality and so on, so I decided to make this tutorial.

This tutorial is about Sony Vegas and Fraps.
I'm generally showing you how to produce high quality movies since I feel that most of the producers out there are not putting enough effort in to the quality, or dont know how to do it.

Now of course we got few producers with super high quality like Buddhist but then again there is way too much without it.

Im a huge fan of few producers who's V quality would give so much more to the movies, so Im kinda hoping they would pick up few things from this tutorial.

Im going trough the basic Fraps options which got something to do with the quality of the raw footage and of course some optional options as well.

In Sony Vegas Im going trough how to make a template for wow movies and some very basic editing stuff like adding effects (glow, light rays) to a clip, zooming in, slow motion, adding text, fadeins/outs (different transitions) and of course how to add music in to your movie.

Last part is about the rendering options, Im also showing how to make a template for that as well.

The runtime of this tutorial might seem to be quite long but Im trying to explain everything as good as I can so that everyone can follow.

This movie is rendered with the very same settings as shown in this tutorial.


You can find me from IRC channel if you want some real time help with Vegas / Fraps, I might be AFK/Raiding/PvPing but gonna try to answer questions as much as I can.

@ QuakeNet #warcraftmovies

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