Ylandria 3 - Joining the Dark Side by Ylandrix
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Agamaggan ( Blackout )
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*This is a DeathKnight movie, please dont downrate because you hate the class*

*Stream sucks balls, please download for ALOT better quality :D*

In the end of the movie, I am using Jin'do's Hexxer (41,4 dps 1h mace) and an offhand Tome. It might be hard to see on the stream.


This is my 3th movie, and as you can see I am no longer a warrior. I rerolled a DeathKnight, called Ylandrix! So first of all I would start asking you to please not downrate this movie just because I am a DeathKnight, wich I have seen with most of the other DeathKnight movies. Secondly I wanna say that DeathKnight's are and have been quite overpowered since they first came into the game, but all the clips except the ones where I am in Iron Forge is after the DeathKnight nerf.

When it comes to my arena matches, the 2v2 is in a 2.4k rated team that we havent played much in since the new arena system. We used to be rank 1 with 100 rating lead, but after the new arena system came out we havent been able to play much, and then ofc we lost the rank. The 3v3 matches arnt anything special, we used to be around rank 10 at 2000-2100 rating befor the new arena system, but there we also didnt have enough time to keep up.


Celldweller - Birthright (Birthwrong Remix by Blue Stahli)
All that Remains - Two Weeks
Celldweller - Pursuit of the Hunted
Pendulum - Back to U
Inflames - Sober and Irrelevant
Nomy - Cocain
U2 - Beautiful Day

Armory: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Agamaggan&n=Ylandrix

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