Only-Demon Hunter Heroic raid! (Highmaul)
Class: Demon Hunter | Category: Dungeons / PvE
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We ventured into Highmaul Heroic with only Demon H...

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I represent the guild "Druids of the Beast" - The world's greatest druid guild*. All the official Druids of the Beast videos will be uploaded here. The guild is of course, only druids, and provides a lot of fun, and different game play. The guild has existed since 2005, but changed to alliance in 2010. Now it is filled with Worgens and Night elves, but you will mainly see, Bears, Cats and Moonkins dancing around the streets of Stormwind. We do an alternative way of playing wow and still aim to do as many raid encounters as possible, with only druids of course even though we might lack some essential buffs and abilities, but so far, it has not been any problem at all. If you want additional updates. Feel free to add us on Twitter: TheDruidGuild and if you have any questions or comments, you are more than welcome to write me a private message. Click Additional Info to find our website. Have fun! (it is the most essential thing in WOW) *((The greatest druid guild according to the World of Warcraft Magazine Level, that wrote 11 pages about the guild in a published magazine in 2007))

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