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Havoc is a video made using some of the footage in...

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Been playing WoW since early Vanilla & spent all my time ganking and WPvPing. I lead a WPvP Guild which has now retired from the game entirely. A Bunch of Campers. We are rather famous in the underground world of WPvP and have a vicious reputation. Known also as The Holy Half Deads, A Bunch of Gankers, The Shadow of Nine and Server Terrorists. These videos are an accumulation of footage captured from my Guilds. From, Ganking, Griefing, Camping, Skirmishes, Event Wrecking, World Server Events, Solo PvP, Group PvP, Premades, Blockades, Ambushes, Sieges, City PvP, Death Jumps, Death Racing, Random Events, Guild Wars, Chain CCing, Graveyard Camping, Tol Barad and So on. Each video will be plump with lots of refreshing WPvP from locations just unused. Offering you some drama, entertainment, lolage, Rage and WTF's. I am not a highly skilled player, i have no Arena titles, no real achievements because that is not why i play the game. What i can offer you is a glimpse into the world of a die hard ganker and highly successful and somewhat notorious wpvp guild leader & his guildies. These videos cover nothing short of awesomeness. Check my Youtube Channel out for other random videos: www.youtube.com/user/Faylum1

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