Dranea Frostieflakes PvP 4: Comedy Trailer by Draneor
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Deathwing ( Bloodlust )
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Hello! Yes, I know, its another boring trailer... however this is some of what to expect for my upcoming comedy pvp movie!
Before watching tho, heed my warning, if you dont like "timmeh" voiceacts you will most likely hate this trailer (and the movie later on).

The full movie will contain:

Frost PvP
Extremely Retarded Voiceacting
2vs2 LolBMhunter and Frost Mage (with complete nonsense being said on vent while killing stuff such as muffins are gods food.)
Loads of bad clips!
Some Pwnage clips!
Wannabe Magerogue clips!

This is pretty different from my earlier movies and hopefully you're gonna like it. : - )

Thanks for watching and feel free to flame how retarded I am.

EDIT: Due to the high popularity of the comedy segments I might consider skipping serious parts of PvP and just go all out full comedy PvP : - P.

UPDATE 26/2: Unfortunately due to a very busy reallife this movie might be released a few days later, trying to make something funny was harder than I expected : - P no worries tho, it will be finished soon in a couple of days! : - )
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