Neilyo vs Akrios by Akrios
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Cho'gall ( Rampage )
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In spite of the fact that I wasnít sure if I would post this, I decided to because I thought it was pretty entertaining and that there hasnít been much to discuss/post since the end of season 4. This is a selection from some duels I had against neilyo a few weeks ago, patch 3.0, no dismantle used. Although Iím not sure of the record (too many duels) I will say that he had the upper hand in terms of the ratio of duels won while being opened on and I give him the edge in terms of rogue v rogue.


Juno Reactor - Mona Lisa Overdrive

Ramallah - Days of Revenge

Skillet - Falling Inside the Black

I really havenít taken rogue vs. rogue seriously until recently. I used to feel that it was almost completely based on the opener and maybe some luck, but Iíve changed my mind. While the opener gives a big advantage, if the person being opened on has prep, the fight goes a lot deeper.

Vanishing blinds is a huge reality; it equates to a guessing game coupled with reaction time scenario (guessing the person will trinket Ė> blind or trinketĖ> vanish, which isnít much of a guess because if they donít theyíll be reopened on without a trinket. Reaction comes in response to the other playerís trinket). Thereís also the threat of being blinded out of vanish, wherein one rogue tries to vanish a blind but instead is blinded out because the rogue blinding hesitates very slightly on purpose. Another thing youíll see here is blinding a blind, which is used in reaction to a rogue trinket Ė> blinding, and the rogue being blinded reacting with blind. (I realize this paragraph may be confusing).

I was opening as mutilate and being opened on as prep because if youíre being opened on without prep you have a very slim chance of winning, even if you were to vanish the blind. Iím more experienced with mutilate but Iíve got a pretty good handle on how to try to respond with prep.

Anyway, hopefully you enjoy the video, and try not to over-think it.

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