Nogg-aholic the Movie by Dopefish
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Video: DivX 6, 2000kbps, 640x480 @ 25 fps
Audio: Mp3, 56kbps, 24khz, Stereo
Source: Fraps, 800x600 @ 25 fps

Nominated for best tech, best audio and best WoW movie for the fourth annual Golden Llama Awards.

Golden Llama Nominations
Golden Llama Awards

This is the long awaited sequal of Exploration the movie, I hope it hasn't became too hyped because of all the delays. Its been in over two months of production with over 50gb of raw data and almost 400 of unique clips, and it only took 19 hours to render the movie. Enjoy!

Irc: #Nogg-aholic @ Quakenet
Forum: (closed)

Patch 1.9 notes:
Players should no longer be able to walk on steep terrain.

Bonus clips:
The long climb uncut
The way to Outlands uncut
The Pirate Ship of Doom - Extended
Nogg-aholic Collaboration - Bumps

Credits - NAC Bumps
00:00 - Dopefish, Insect Chorus
Skullmonkeys - Wawawawa
00:16 - Malu05, Us who alter the world
Massive Attack - Angel
00:32 - Dopefish, The dead man and the salmon
ExtremeMusic - XCD121_16: Lowlander
00:49 - Linkar, Something weird
01:04 - Dopefish, Polaroids of Death
ExtremeMusic - XCD097_06: Science Reliance
01:20 - Dopefish, Faraway Dream
Vincent Diamante - Cloud (Ingame loop2)
01:36 - Malu05, Most of them doesn't make it
Minor Chill - Requiem for Mikael

Additional credits goes to Shajn/^shn for providing images that was used for Insect Chorus, Polaroids of Death and a Faraway Dream.

Also watch these:
Snoman: Wandering Dreamscape
BaronSoosdon: Unlimited Escapism vol.2

Nogg-aholic Collaboration Segments: (NAC)
Linkar: The Graveyard
Thraxx: The World in Your Hands?
Thraxx: One Night in Blackrock
Cryect: Hellfire Armor
Cryect: End of the World
Cryect: Big Head Mode
Dopefish: My Burning Valentine
Mixed: Global Animation Show-off

"You may clip our wings, but we will always remember what it was like to fly".
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