Eviscerate - Arenas by Akrios by Akrios
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Gurubashi ( Reckoning )
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This is an arena video. It is separate from my World pvp series which I will start working on again in September. Hopefully I’ll find the time to make eviscerate 9 before expansion, but in the mean time I though I might as well post some arena videos.


This video has two specs used, mutilate combat and assassination shadowstep. These specs can be found here: http://roguerogue.com/?p=26. I use the vile poisons version for both.

I would love to be able to play mutilate all the time, but I play the spec that helps my team most. I only feel mutilate really is on par in 3v3 with a caster and healer for the 3s and 2s setups available to me.

This video includes arena matches from the first two weeks of season 4 running various different teams in 2v2 and 3v3. The rating is around 2k-2100. I originally wanted to release this a few weeks ago but I've been on vacation. There are also a few tournament realm matches as well.


Disturbed – Criminal
Pain – Nailed to the Ground
Escape the Fate – My apocalypse
Milan Kolarovic – Landmark of Lullabies

Setups Included:

Rogue + Rogue

Rogue + Shadow Priest

Rogue + Mage + Priest

Rogue + Warrior + Druid

Rogue + Rogue + Priest

Rogue + Hunter + Druid

Ui can be found here: http://roguerogue.com/?p=35

For more information check out my site, roguerogue.com

If you have any questions, I would appreciate if you sent me a PM or emailed me at [email protected]
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