[WOTLK] Snoman: White Dreamscape by snoman
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After the collasal fail of Ultimate Dreamscape, I've gone back to my roots, making a movie more in the style of Wandering and Ephemeral.

I felt an impulse to make another movie. Not much to say...

White Dreamscape features areas from Wrath of the Lich King. I've seen videos of the areas already, but they've all been really fast fly-throughs
of all the areas with no real look at the scenic part of the expansion. There are also some new model changes, some old ones, and some
unreleased ones that got cut from my other videos.

As always, this movie is a tribute the Dopefish and Nogg-aholic, who inspired me to explore, model change, and make movies.

Please watch the 720p version if at all possible. The only way to experience this movie properly is in High Definition.

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