Lewt carries Buddhist in 2v2 (Balance Druid + Rogue) by Buddhist
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Black Dragonflight ( Stormstrike )
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Buddhist's Arena Team 1
Lewt Buddhist
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This is my first serious PvP video, as opposed to my 15 joke videos. The actual in-game footage is entirely of Lewt and I 2v2ing. My goal for this video was to show the general strategy for almost every 2v2 comp, as well as keep the video entertaining as possible. I know a lot of you expect this video to be hilarious... Well, without taking away from the fact that it's an arena video, I tried haha. PS: if you notice us talking in party chat, it's because we were practicing playing without vent to build natural coordination for those games (and it worked, you should try it ^_^).

Our team:
-Lewt is 48/0/13 (Full balance) for all clips of the video.
-I am 20/0/41 (ShS) for most clips, but a few 41/20/0 (Mutilate) clips are included.

What to expect:
-Most 2v2 comps at the gladiator bracket
-Our strats (in text) of how to beat those comps
-A bit of textual commentary by Lewt
-Model Viewing
-Excellent Music
-Ming babbling on vent

What to not expect:
-Lewt's perspective (sorry, wasn't possible)
-Warlock/Hunter + Druid (those fights take too long)
-The best players in the world (except for Lewt)

The music is pretty amazing, not gonna lie. It's pretty much all by Ronald Jenkees. Some of the songs I used have never been studio recorded, and therefore have never been used in a video before. I hope you enjoy it, even if there is a slight loss of quality.
-Almost Undamaged - Ronald Jenkees
-Messin with guitar sound - Ronald Jenkees
-Derty - Ronald Jenkees
-A beat from outerspace - Ronald Jenkees
-Messin with e-piano sound - Ronald Jenkees
-The Fast Song - Ronald Jenkees
-We looked like giants - Deathcab for cutie
-Final Countdown remix - Ronald Jenkees

Programs used:
-World of Warcraft
-FRAPS 2.9.4
-WoW Model Viewer
-WoW Map Viewer
-Macromedia Flash Pro 8
-Sony Vegas Pro 8

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