Unlimited Escapism vol. 4 by BaronSoosdon
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Here is the season 1 finale for the Unlimited Escapism series. In this fourth machinima in the series, murlocs will die and people walk pointlessly front and behind the camera. It is also my thanks and a christmas present for all the people who have viewed and voted for my movies in various machinima contests :)

I know I am a lying son of a bitch, I said that UEv4 would include WOTLK stuff in it but I guess that will just have to wait till part five.

There are also two brand new model changes by Snoman: Winterokkar Spring and Arathi Snowlands. Really pretty stuff :)

As the tradition goes, the movie does not include any zomgroguepvp or imbacrits, neither Linkin Park or any other totally shitty emo music. I know that this fact will cause some downrating! But lets make it easy this time, just copy and paste the sentence below and voila: "WTF I DO NOT GET THIS!!111!!1122!"

You need to click the stars for yourself though!

UEv4 does not offer anything new to the series, except that it is the shortest one of all four. Sometimess less is more!

-= Quicklinks for all Unlimited Escapism movies =-
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[Unlimited Escapism vol. 4]

[Unlimited Escapism vol. 0: Shock Your Senses]

Andy Blueman - Nyctalopia (Club mix)
Slusnik Luna - Sun (Softys remix)

Previously in Unlimited Escapism:

Unlimited Escapism vol. 1
The first Unlimited Escape.

Unlimited Escapism vol. 2
No point running, the escapism will catch you for the second time.

Unlimited Escapism vol. 3
Even at summer the murlocs are not safe and there is Escapism all around you.

Unlimited Escapism vol. 0: Shock Your Senses
If the four Unlimited Escapism are too pretty and shiny for you, this spin-off movie might be the one for you. More murloc killings, more violence and more boobs. But there is still no plot, point or shitty crap emo music.


About the downloadable versions
UEv4 is the first movie which I am releasing in the h264 format (thanks to Yume and this guide by him!). It provides a lot better results compared to XViD in quality/size-ratio. If you have problems viewing the .mp4 file, please download the latest version of VLC Player.


#machinima @ Quakenet
#machinima is aiming to be the #1 IRC channel about machinima in general, not tied into any particular game engine. Currently the channel is populated by people from WoW background.
So whether you are a newbie or a pro - welcome to idle!


Nublock Forums
And now they are officially open! Welcome to spam right here!

And those who seek answers to questions or vice versa, I've put a FAQ up there as well!



Reade the announcement about it here.

Till things start to happen, you can torment yourself with my earlier works with something that looks like a plot: Limited Escapism: To Cure A Hangover, Sin City Azeroth and The Fifth Horseman.

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