STING Gnomish Death Race Movie! by Uzbeki
Class: Multiple | Category: Guild Promotion | Server : US - Deathwing ( Nightfall )
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Movie Summary
A little recap, this is the movie made from a little event STING threw a few days ago we called the Gnomish Death Race. to sum it up, members paid a 1g entry fee to race and then created level 1 gnomes to race from IF gates to SW gates on foot. They had to follow a specific path thru Dun Morough, Loch Modan, Searing Gorge, Blackrock Mtn, Burning Steppes, RR, Elwynn Forest, then to SW gates.

We started with about 14-16 racers. Great fun and laughs were had by all! Prizes were given out to the first 3 winners, that being:

1st place: 50g
2nd place: A blue sword that sold for about 12-15g
3rd place: 5g

Sadly, only about half the racers that started finished, but it was still all fun. Thank all non-STING alliance that were there playing 'bodyguards' against the horde for the lil' ones. :)
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