Cycloneman 2 - 2300+ 2v2 Resto & War arena by DiamondTear
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Draenor ( Blackout )
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DiamondTear's Arena Team 1
DiamondTear Maeki
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This is my second movie, recorded over a couple of months. The editing is limited to on-screen tips for beginner druids and transitions between scenes.

My new partner is a gnome warrior, so even if you don't find healing interesting, you can laught at the little bugger bouncing around.

a) For most part my partner's soundcard was broken, so he had no sound.
b) I'm not specced for feral charge
c) I wanted to make two movies, one where they go after me and one where they don't, but it's impossible since even 2 DPS teams aren't stupid enough to go for the druid.
d) The movie really is 26 minutes long, if there's a problem with the stream, I don't care.
e) It might be FOTM now, but I've been playing this combo since the start of season 1.

Soundtrack is mostly anime music, tracklist is:
Chorale - Kuin Eilinen
Utada Hikaru - Beautiful World
Angela - End of the World
Angela - Asu e no Brilliant Road
Asakawa Yuu - Shunji no Uzu
Mizuki Nana - WILD EYES

proximo (arena frames)
ag_uf (unitframes)
nature's enemy castbar
rangerecolor (from wowace).
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