Unlimited Escapism vol. 0: Shock Your Senses by BaronSoosdon
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Here it is! Unlimited Escapism vol. 0: Shock Your Senses!

In tradition to the series, the movie is completely random and plotless. More nudity, explosions and murloc killings! Also the number of games mixed up with WoW footage has gone up.

I have also tried to learn how to paladin very very very hard but it has to be admitted, that no one can be like Shepiwot except Shepiwot himself..

The work started on this movie right after UEv3 was finished, at the end of July. The movie was completed this morning (24th Oct 2007), after 28 hours of rendering.

This time the movie features many guest stars in one form or another:

Rurikar / Time Gnomes

The model changers (Snoman, Dopefish, Faizer) let me use their model changes.

Olibith and Chaosvex edited their own scenes for the movie: Chaosvex merged WoW & Halo - he created HaloCraft. Olibith edited a touching love story about Olibith The Gnome, a blood elf female and a meat cleaver.

Khandy draw me some pictures - I wanted to try something new. Last but not totally least, Pinkhair rendered me a gnome.

As the Time Gnomes are dead (see Time Gnomes III), all the footage concerning them in the movie should be seen as fan art. Thanks to Rurikar for letting me use them :)

For more in-depth stuff about the making of UEv0:SYS, read this post in my blog.

The Google video stream looks like utter crap. If possible, do not ruin this movie by using it.

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[Unlimited Escapism vol. 0: Shock Your Senses]

The Rush vs Thalamus - Shock Your Senses (Original mix - UEv0 edit)
S3RL - Neon Genesis
DJ Rx - Code Of Silence
Monoral - Kiri

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#machinima @ Quakenet
#machinima is aiming to be the #1 IRC channel about machinima in general, not tied into any particular game engine. Currently the channel is populated by people from WoW background.
So whether you are a newbie or a pro - welcome to idle!

ZOMG! Finally upon many many many many requests, I made an epixx plotline movie. Ladies and gentlemen - right this way!

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