The Fat Cow II by Chrille
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Frostmane ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
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The movie contains as the Teaser said, World Pvp, Rated 1v2 battles and 3 duels. The 3 classes isn't exactly the ones I wanted from
the beginning but almost :P

World pvp
The world pvp is like in every other movie, vs undergeared opponents. It's so hard to find it, its unbelivable. I admire those who spends time in doing a movie filled with World pvp clips. I would get a nervous breakdown to gather it to be honest. But I think It worked out pretty well tho.

They are against experianced players (maybe not top notch). I'm not duelling anyone from doom squad this time, since I've seen some complains about it.
"Mummrak" - Balance Druid
"Trollkarln" - Frost mage nowadays (Respecced to fire for the duels)
"Devian" - Ms Warrior, this fight is mainly abit "How to warrior"

Rated 1v2 arena
Isn't the easiest with this class, but I think the clips from there were abit interesting in how you can take 2 peps down as a druid. They are of course undergeared, and the games are around 1400-1500 rating

I hope you won't moan about overused songs this time I've tried my best to have some refreshment atleast :P

Bach - Air (Don't worry just the intro)
Sum41 - Over my head
Skillet - Whispers in the Dark (Hijacked from agramon, loved it
so I just had to use it :P)
Scooter - The Night
Machinae Supremacy - Anthem apocalyptica
Hoobastank - Inside of you
Phalanx - Symphony in g minor
Foo Fighters - The best of you

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