Snoman: Wandering Dreamscape by snoman
Class: Mage | Category: Underground | Server : US - Draka ( Vengeance )
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A tribute to Dopefish and the Nogg-aholic community. This video shows what can be done with the proper knowledge of the World of Warcraft data. Unlike many others who just make random model changes that look weird, I have tried to make mine as authentic looking as possible; as if they were made to be in the game.

Wandering Dreamscape showcases 17 model changes. These have been edited together into three separate songs; each with it's own theme and story. I have tried to make it as enjoyable as possible, using some amazing trance tracks and filtering nearly every shot
as to make it as surrealistically realistically beautiful as possible. If you do not like trance or the use of effects, please do not rate low simply because it isn't your style.

A special thanks to all the Nogg-aholics, to soosisti for coming up with an amazing change for me to use, and to Verlynne, who is absolutely amazing and the inspiration for my movies.

Enjoy the trip into this alternate reality of the World of Warcraft.

(Please do not watch the Google Video stream unless you REALLY have to. Use the Stage 6 stream or download it from FileFront. This video is worthless in horrid 320x240 FLV quality. Don't watch the streams!)

You can cut our wings but we will always remember what it was like to fly!
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