Akilleuz - Panzar Come Back by Akilleuz
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormreaver ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
After my last movie, I stopped playing, as stated in Final Cut Honey.
After some time, I turned back, since I still had friends in this game, that I missed.
I state this now, since I got asked this question, more then your minds could imagine for sure!.

Now, it's called Panzar Come Back. That is for a reason. After being number one damage dealer in more then less everything I did before TBC, I found out, that there was a side of the warrior I never tryied. Protection.
I know this sounds really boring to you alrdy, but don't think that ego. I made TONS of research within the subjects; being a tank.
Then I actually found out that it was possible to make a combination of things and become more then a tank. A PVP tank!

My biggest source, is Ciderhelm. Every single MT in this game, should read what him and his companions have written on realm forums.

Now for the movie, I made all clips in the movie within a time of 16-20 hours. And this is on like 4 days. This means it's not fine cut'd clips from tons and tons of clips.
I have never ever pvp'ed with such specc and gear before TBC. So it's a total dif. way of thinking when you enter a BG or Arena. 1 on 1 matches even.

So, I alrdy know what you are gonna demote me on. Following lines is not nessecery to spam me with:
"Try click more then 1000 times on the same abillity when it aint rdy, maybe it helps dude"
"Try highlight the crits more. I aint blinded yet fool!"
"No wonder you 2 hit a warrior when you use recklessness none stop cunt"

And so on... Now I aint used to PVP with this. I found out I clicked more then any player I have seen in this game so far! It have gotten better, but still hard to not do, when you arent used to play with this setup.
Yes there is a few sequences where I pop Recklessness yes. It is to show that what crits is possible. Enjoy the yellow text, not diss the 30 mins cd.

I have tryied to make the video, to show off the tank performing PVP. Nothing else. But ofc with focus on entertainment in order of good music and video editing.
If you don't like a video with some zoom, highlights, blur, glows etc. don't watch it. I don't wanna waste your time, and I CERTAINLY don't wanna waste my own time on reading your dissing comments after watching it ^^

There have been no planned healing in it. All healing recieved have been done by people who thought it would help the game :-)
Another thing is, please download the movie, instead of watching the livestream at Filefront. Else watch it from stage6.divx. Since it's alot of work, and watching that over a bad quallity livestream is not really good :-(

Now enjoy the movie. In my own opinion, it is the best video I have made so far. Most entertaining and best editing job so far, I think.

Brinck Maria Marcus - In The End I Started - Instrumental version
In Flames - Another Day In Quicksand
Marilyn Manson - Rock Is Dead
Soil - Why
June Reactor - Done Davis - Mona Lisa (Forgot this in end movie title :( Really noobish sorry)
Hans Zimmer - The Kraken

I also wanna thank some people for help in this movie:
Vadok, Gensher, Blazeblaze, Daalian, Rouzk, Zharok and Baronen.
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