Unlimited Escapism vol. 2 by BaronSoosdon
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Gnomes flying, murlocs getting hit by cars.. what else could you ask for?

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About the movie:
Here it finally is.. Unlimited Escapism vol. 2!

/sarcasm on

First a word of warning - the movie contains the use of an emulated private server without shame. If the use of emulated server makes you go QQ and emo, press the back button now please :)

But if you did go on with the watching and are about to 1/1/1/1 the movie and commenting something really intellectual like "suxx" I suggest going that way ----> and picking up the Linkin Park album from the trashcan, then finally going to the corner to QQcry. The plastic knives for cutting yourself can be found on the kitchen.

/sarcasm off

On a more serious note - the private server / emulator is no good for playing the game, but for movie making it offers some really interesting possibilities. The best of WoWmodelviewer and WoWmapviewer in one place, so to say.

Though it is not possible to do the things on an emulated server which you can do with the viewer proggies and vice versa.

A good looking movie is the end and I want to get there by any means necessary. Even if it means slaughtering the entire murloc population of Azeroth.

Again, like part one - there is no plot nor point. Maybe there is something that looks remotely like a plot. The main focus is on the visuality, effects, editing and trying to make cool looking scenes by using multiple game engines. Also I wanted that the scenes would be synced with the music as well as possible.

This time, the movie features only two games mixed - Unreal Tournament 2004 and WoW. I did my best to push the editing and merging of the two even better than in the first movie.

There is also some footage taken from Defcon, but just in order to make certain parts of the end credits to look better.

I also used clips from Final Fantasy X to make have some of the scenes have more kick.

If you hated part one, you are going to loathe this movie. If you liked part one.. well, tell me what you think about this sequel :)

Please download the movie if possible. There also is a Stage6 high quality stream available. The quality in the other stream versions is quite horrible.

I have no idea if or when Vol. 3 is coming out.

After completing this, my original plan was to start working with the next step on the Chronicles of the Dawn: Operation Scholomance series, but there is a slight possibility that I'll be employed for the summer so I'll have to postpone it a bit.

David West - Make U Mine (Original Mix)
Waltari - Atom Angel


UEv2 Spin-Off Movie:
First, I would like to /bow & /cheer towards the creator of Eviscerape II.

In addition to making a kick-ass movie, he introduced me to one of the best UK Hardcore tracks, "Dropzone (Bonkers mix)" by Darren Styles. I was lucky to have the Dropzone track in my HD. I felt that the song's climax part ended up too quickly so I had to give it some editing :)

As I was choosing the clips from FFX for UEv2 an idea popped up in my head - I wanna make an AMV (if that is the right term) video to the Dropzone track!

And voil´┐Ż - from the links below you can see end result.

I won't upload the movie here cause it does not contain enough WoW material.

World Of Dropzone Fantasy
(a.k.a. the bastard child of Unlimited Escapism series :P)
Stage6 HQ Stream
YouTube Stream
Filefront Download

Other WoW movies by me:
Snoman Remixed
Unlimited Escapism vol. 1
BWL: The Last Ride

The long-distance camera movement shots were made with the ImprovedCamera2 addon.

I have put up a simple'n'basic website which contains all of my machinima works (some of them not anymore at WCM). Check it out here.

Got questions about making of the movie? Wanna know how something was done? Drop me a PM here, I'll try to answer it as quickly and as understandably as possible :)

Here in Finland we would say "tekotaiteellista paskaa".
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