Snoman Remixed by BaronSoosdon
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Movie Summary
NOTE! I have only edited and filmed this movie. All the model/map changing has been done by Snoman.

If you have any questions about the changed maps, point them to Snoman.

And yes, I have Snoman's permission to publish this movie.

About the movie:
When I first saw those Snomans (and Dopefish's) movies, I was liek whoa. That was cool!

Then I realized that I want something like that on UEv2. So I asked Snoman and he was kind to give me all of the files concerning his previous work.

After a Karazhan raid I sat on my laptop and started to check out the places in Snoman's world (of Warcraft). One thing lead to another, I guess a creativity demon possessed me and voil´┐Ż - yet another movie in a short time.

Do not expect any fancy editing here - the main focus is to show Snomans work in HD quality. This movie contains footage from all of his released works. For more information about Snoman's movies check out the links below.

If you look closely enough, you might see some familiar faces from "Two Gnomes And A Tauren: The Quest For Twill" in this movie :P

This movie comes also in two flavors:
- For murloc loving hippies (42mb)
- For the real men and women who eat (baby) murlocs for breakfast (142mb)
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