Twilight Town by snoman
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"Oh, how I wish for soothing rain. All I wish is to dream again. My loving heart, lost in the dark. For hope I'd give my everything."
-Nightwish, "Nemo", Once

Well, I've been on a little hiatus the past few weeks because I got so hooked into the "Kingdom Hearts" games. Yeah, I know they are pretty kid-ish, but they rule! I mean, Square Enix totally pwns!
I got the idea for this video from the game. They are always talking about the realm of darkness, but you never actually go there in the game, which left me to wonder what it would look like. And thus, I got the idea to make it myself, and here it is!
The Song is "The Other Side" by Paul van Dyk. In my opinion this is the BEST trance song ever. And it is perfect for this video! This is the only time I didn't have to search my library for hours trying to find a song because it just fits. Again, this is not to show and omgpwnage editing skills, it's to show the model change itself.

Again, this vid is dedicated to Verl, who leads me out of those dark places in my life. Thank you for always being there for me, whenever I need you..
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