Unlimited Escapism vol. 1 by BaronSoosdon
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I got my idea for this movie quite a while ago. I wanted to make a machinima movie which would merge more than one game in one movie. I also wanted to make cool looking scenes - eye candy so to say.

But I did not want to start making the film until I had enough stuff to edit and a good, fitting music for the background. Finally it all came together, this is the end result.

This movie contains in-game footage as well as model/mapviewed stuff. I have mixed WoW with Unreal Tournament 2004, Final Fantasy VII (the game and Advent Children Movie), Wipeout 3 and the movie Animatrix: Last Flight Of The Osiris.

Unlimited Escapism vol. 1 does not have a plot or anything, but a part of it sort of does. The scenes before the end credits are part of a WoW movie project which I scrapped. I wanted to put the best shots into good use before the files disappear in to the heaven of zeroes and ones :P

Sorry, no HD version this time.

Note! If you hate trance and the using of effects, this movie might not be for you.

If possible, please download the movie instead of streaming. This movie is very visual in nature, and the stream pretty much screws up the visuality.

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James Wood presents Windii - Kinetic Caper (original mix)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (lol, I typoed the name on the movie.. too late now :P)

Screenshots from the movie

Screenies for ya! Look and load.


bonus pic: Concept art for the movie - the scene ended looking up quite the same as this picture which I did with Photoshop.

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The sequel is out now as well, you can view it here

The addon used for those long-distance shots and camera movements is ImprovedCamera..
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