Dun Tropica by snoman
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"This is a moment of belief. This is the moment made of dreams. You found me here today, on the coldest winter night. This moment is our right."
- Kamelot, "On the Coldest Winter Night", Epica

It's been unseasonably cold here lately. Every morning I dread getting out of my nice, warm bed... and I bet almost everyone else feels that same way. So I had the idea to make someplace that was way too cold into a nice tropical zone!
In my opinion, it's definitely my favorite change... I'm leaving these files in for a long time, Dun Morogh = Tropical paradise! Although, to be honest, it isn't as good as Darnassus Through the Glass, due to less of a story, but thats my opinion... see what you think!
The song is Don't Stop by ATB, which I thought really fit a tropical setting with it's exotic sounding synths. Again, this is not to show off any amazing editing, although my skills are still growing... it is to show the model change itself.

And yes, Dopefish, I'm slacking :P.
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