Darnassus Through the Glass by snoman
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"Yeah, I don't wanna meet your friends. And I don't wanna start over again. I just want my life to be the same just like it used to be. Somedays I hate everything. And I hate everything; everyone and everything. Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now!"
- Everclear, "Wonderful", Songs from an American Movie, Vol. 1

Well, because I haven't yet, and because I've been feeling a little strange recently, I have made a darker video. I decided to do it a lot differently from my others, and I hope that it is in a good way and that you will like it.
I always admired Darnassus, and was kinda sad when I destroyed it for this vid. But, as you will see, it was for good reason and it really helps tell the story.

As always, this video is dedicated to Verl. I hope that this video will help you understand me a little better. And, although I know that we can only just be friends, I hope that you will understand that you are the best, and that I doubt that I will ever know anyone quite as awesome as you.

Thanks must go to my brother, for coming up with the idea to pwn Darnassus. And to Thundara of Nogg-aholic for helping me out with the sky and fog :)

And yeah, Dopefish, I have no life. ONE EVERY WEEK MAN!!!! :P.
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