The Breaking of Spring in Elwynn by snoman
Class: Mage | Category: Underground | Server : US - Draka ( Vengeance )
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"And we're just wishing we could stop... Life goes on, come of age, can't hold on, turn the page. Time rolls on, wipe your eyes. Yesterday laughs, tomorrow cries. Time goes on."
-The Offspring, Can't Reapeat

It is a time in Elwynn when everything stands still. The plants, the animals, creeping out at the first look of the springtime after a long, cold winter. The snow, still on the ground, begins to melt, and the sun shines as it has not in months.

After trying and failing twice at an exploration video, I decided the world has seen enough of CoT, Hyjal, and the works; and how could I have done the mighty Dopefish justice? I decided to take a new approach to things, a side of the underground most of us have not seen... model changing. I know, I know... "MC WAS NERFED NOOOOOOOB"... but, that's on recent servers ;).. yes this is an emu; but the same thing was doable before 2.0.3. The only reason I used an emu is so I wouldn't have to use the hack to get real MC in 2.0.3.
This is a tribute to Dopefish and the Nogg-Aholic community that was laid to rest on January 7, 2007. Dopefish, you were my inspiration at becoming an explorer, with the best 45 minutes and 22 seconds of video I will ever see.
I would like to release many more music videos with more complex and amazing model changes, and I definitely will if the community wants it :D.
The song in the video is Another Way by Paul van Dyk. I did not use any super editing on the video because that is not where the focus is. It is in the scenery and environment.

An extreme thanks to Verl, for being my inspiration in many matters, and for being the sweetest friend I could ever have and ever want. I am awed to think how lucky I am to have met you, Verl, and I hope that this movie will inspire you at least a fraction of how much you have inspired me. I love you! *hugs*


To everyone else: Sno out! Enjoy the ride!.
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