Zeuzo Rank 14 Cloak of Shadows 5/0/46 by Zeuzo
Class: Rogue | Category: How To/Guides | Server : EU - Sylvanas ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
I never thought i would release another movie to be honest after my first one (almost a year ago), but a small section of fans has been asking for one for a while. So i created this movie, since my last movie ive gotten rank 14 (7-8 Months ago), imo my gameplay has improved alot even though im still a complete cd whore. Rank 14 mentioned in the namefile (doesnt mean im good at pvp) but i do belive that getting to rank 14 old school makes you a better pvper if you arent "skilled already" ;).

My gear is pretty sick and that was the main reason i didnt want to make a movie since with that gear i will with 95 % outgear any opponent. I made this movie out of entertainment purpose not to show leetskill, i really dont want to be compared to any other author out there, everyone has own styles.

I had alot of fraps to work with from 1.5 days Arena pvping 1v2 but i decided to make it a short one 15 min, just to try to not make it so boring since its the same type of pvp all over and over again. I was a bit unlucky with the pugs/premades since oftenly one guy was way undergeared and it wouldnt be worth showing. So many clips just went to the trashcan.

I worked hard on the editing this time even though i suck alot with it ;). The quality was my main goal, imo i came out with a solid 240 MB and GREAT quality.

Specc used in this pvp movie is 5/0/46, Cloak of shadows.

Modelreplacing was used to turn my Nightelfmale into UndeadFemale, at the moment im back to NEmale since i found out that this wasnt allowed. Alot of whines and flames about this :( Dont judge the movie cause i used modelreplacing.

Dont download the movie if you dont like to see a rogue use his cooldowns to the maximum and even when maybe you think its not needed.

I hope my UI makes the movie enjoyable its my ownmade. I realised afterwards that the sct text was kinda annoying since it was so close to my character but hopefully you can still see what is happening.

Cheers and enjoy :)

Remember its only Arena 1v2!!

Happy new year !


First of all a big mistake :(

Last song is from Nine inch nails - just like you imagined

Addonpack updated: My addon folder is uploaded to download but you still need to Config it like you want. Basic commands are:

/sw unlock and then /sw lock

My settings is "/skinner bottomframe show height 140"

EDIT: Bongos will be needed a update.

Good luck :).
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