HelHeim by EndTimes
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Frostmane ( Misery )
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This is an old video back from Legion launch when our guild found a (then) unknown wpvp farming glitch in Helheim. Basically people would spawn alive and in one location no matter where they died in that zone. Trapping players at the graveyard, as they could not even use a ghostform. We did this for about a week as soon as more guild members had done the leveling for the zone. This was done mainly during the first days of leveling.
Also just to note, on the first day after a GM contacted me about what the raid was doing and i gave him the answer, 'it's a pvp server i can do as i like', a game file within my wow folder was deleted (coincidence?) and we called off the raid until the next day as i had to download the file again. The following day after another GM talk it was done again, however this time since i had downloaded the entire game as backup to my other portable drives it only had the effect of delaying us about 20minutes. The GM's didn't attempt to do it again after we reported the incident to a live support tech. (Coincidence?)

Anyway, was great fun and thought i would share the video... however late it may be.

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Duskhaven Sanctuary (Orchestral Soundtrack Fantasy)
Junkie XL - Greeks are Winning (300 Rise of an Empire)
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