Hamoudy III : Legion PVP - Mage-Dh-Dk-Rogue by Hamoudy
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Kel'Thuzad ( Nightfall )
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Movie Summary
Disclaimer (By Hamoudy)-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

All my clips were a random selection from Legion PVP.. The video is purely for entertainment no demonstration of any skills. my computer isn't powerful enough to edit for a long time due to crashes so this video does not have much of effects in it. I am a 2.6xp Player on mage Rest of my alts just random hover between 2k 2.3 i did play ever ingame class and spec
Recorded and played by Hamoudy
Thanks to all the players that tagged along for the fun legion pvp. Partners in crime
Subzx-Bleeding hollow (Rogue) Roguedude-greymane (Rogue) Tabbycat black hand (warrior) xierdra black hand (Priest) Worstlol azralon (Priest) ferful azralon (Priest) Icee-black rock (Rogue and warrior and pretty much ever ingame class lol) Wooshy korgath (Priest) Toxismy- TIchondrious (Druid) Cybersnow-ticondrious (Death Knight) Misiyeye- Tichondrious (Mistweaver) Shiftystorm-Malygos (druid) Ivalor-Emeralddream (Death knigth) Inulol- Emeraldream (Sshaman) Chargetard-magtheridon- (Warrior) Autospook- Sarger (Warrior) voidelfmale-stormreaver (priest) Basiq-Kilrogg (Druid) Starshot-Emeralddream (Ret Paladin) Tizzy- Tichondrious (Priest) Telepxrt-Frostmourne (druid) Mpisbae-frostmourne (Mage)
and big shout out for all Versus Players Name

I really enjoyed playing with you guys.and versus you

Release Date: October 13 , 2018
Duration: 18:44
Toons in video: Hamoudy Kel'thuzad, Nobrainer Kel'thuzad, Dkham tichondrious, Hamoudyegy illidan. Hamoudy Blackrock,
Alt Toons 18 between Illidan-Tichondrious-blackrock-kel'thuzad

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=TRACKLIST -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

1. Supermode - 'Tell Me Why'
2. Big Pineapple - Another Chance
3. Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge Feat. Meighan Nealon - Faces (Ben Gold Vocal Mix)
4. Dubstep Violin- Lindsey Stirling- Crystallize
5. [2008] Ferry Corsten LUXY
6.Paul van Dyk - For An Angel 2009
7.Loud Luxury feat. brando - Body

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Tichondrius - Kel'thuzad - Illidan - Blackrock Legion
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Hamoudy1986/
Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/hamoudy86
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