Rogue Solo Emerald Nightmare: Elerethe Renferal by Koshi (Sakuzyo)
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Garrosh ( Emberstorm )
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Movie Summary
Filmed via OBS@60FPS
Artifact Trait - 1/50 Concordance
Legendaries: Will of Valeera (970), Prydaz (940)
Leech: 2% (wow, so leech, much heals)
diamond dust (blacklolita remix) NO vocal ver. extended - mintea

This one was a long time coming, should have done it much sooner.

Overall Elerethe is a simple encounter to solo. There are only a few problems which is her relatively quick attack speed and Raking Talons #2.

The fight just repeats on each platform, if she enters Roc for a second time on the final platform she will enrage.

Also my encoder settings were wrong while recording this so RIP the usual 60FPS.
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