Rogue Solo Mythic Highmaul: Imperator Mar'gok & Cho'gall (!!!) by Koshi (Sakuzyo)
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Garrosh ( Emberstorm )
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Dark Prophesy - ネオ
紅幻奏詩 - ネオ

This was a very fun, very difficult encounter to solo and despite the amount of RNG that actually happened in my favor this still goes down as one of my most favorite raid encounters to have ever soloed as a Rogue.

Starting off, the differences on Mythic are several in number but I'll go over them briefly.

Mar'gok now phases at 66% and 33% instead of 85%, 55% and 25%. Additionally when Mar'gok reaches 2% HP Cho'gall will spawn and the final phase will begin.

First off, the order in which Mar'gok activates the Runes has changed. In phase 1 he starts off with the Displacement and Replication runes. In phase 2 Mar'gok will have the Runes of Displacement and Fortification (Fortification means higher HP/dmg aberrations). While in Phase 3 Mar'gok will regain the Rune of Replication and will maintain the Rune of Fortification but lose the Rune of Displacement This means that his Arcane Wrath, Mark of Chaos and Aberrations will behave in manners relating to those Runes.

Phase 1: 100-66%
This phase is very similar to the 85-55% phase in Normal/Heroic. It is very imperative that you do not stand in the Arcane Resonance and that you kill the Aberration as soon as it spawns so that you can cleave on the replicated spawns because depending on what you have rolled you may need it desperately.

Transition Phase 1:
2x Warmage:
The Warmages do not do a whole lot of damage themselves but they do have 1 very annoying ability and that is Slow. Slow in addition to slowing your movement speed also reduces your haste by 50% (below 0%) which means your total Energy Regen is also cut in half which is very bad. When this happens (if it does) Cloak of Shadows ASAP. The key to this phase however is to use Marked for Death on the Volatile Anomaly for quick Run Through casts or Roll the Bones rerolls. Use that to your advantage to get True Bearings and reset all of your CDs for Phase 2, or get a 6 buff roll.

Phase 2: 66-33%
This phase is dangerous because we no longer have the replicated adds from the Aberrations and whenever Mar'gok uses Mark of Chaos you are now briefly rooted in place. While you are rooted in place Mar'gok will cast an Arcane Resonance beneath you and you must be ready to move ASAP or else you will get debuffed with a 45% increase to all arcane damage taken and any time you take Arcane damage you will be stunned for 1.5 seconds. There is a lot of damage this phase and you need to end it as fast as possible. I recommend using your second DPS potion in this phase and if you did not need to use Drums of War in phase 1 do so here.

Transition Phase 2:
In addition to the 2x Warmage you will now have 1 Gorian Reaver.
The best way to handle this is to target 1 Warmage and burst it down quickly so you can then kill the Gorian Reaver without stress. Again if you get inflicted with Slow be sure to use Cloak of Shadows. Once the Reaver is dead kill the last Warmage and MFD the Anomaly like in the last transition.

Phase 3: 33-2%
Similar to phase 1 in damage you will once again have replicated adds to help with healing via Leech/Greed so the requirements for this phase are much less than Phase 2, but if you have CDs available, which you should, use them because you won't need them immediately upon engaging Cho'gall.

Phase 4: Cho'gall

This is actually the easiest phase of the boss but you can still die if you do not know how to approach it. After Mar'gok reaches 2% HP Cho'gall will appear and RP will ensue for quite a large window. When this happens Mar'gok will no longer be attacking you and this is your moment to start re-rolling as you are still able to build Combo Points off of Mar'gok. Before Cho'gall actually actually engages a large number of Night-Twisted Faithful will spawn. This is basically what makes this phase so easy. Large number of adds = massive amounts of Greed healing and free Roll the Bones/Run Through casts so use it at will. The main thing to look out for is Cho'gall's Infinite Darkness Debuff. This debuff has no duration and reduces all healing taken by 100% and will deal damage upon dispel. This debuff can be fully negated through Cloak of Shadows so make sure it is up whenever it is cast. Outside of Infinite Darkness there isnt much to this phase. Cho'gall does have an ability called Glimpse of Madness which spawns a shadow clone that will just Shadow bolt you for the rest of the fight. It does not deal much damage so the primary idea is still stay out of the bad stuff and you win!
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