Legion Pre-patch Arms & Fury 1vNs by Oozo
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Shandris ( Emberstorm )
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Movie Summary
Warriors got hit pretty hard in the 1vN department. I'm not going to let that stop me from trying though. :)

Part One - Arms 1v1s
Part Two - Arms 4vN (only group fight in the movie)
Part Three - Fury 1v1s
Part Four - Warrior vs Warrior fights
Part Five - Mixed Arms/Fury 1vNs

All of the fights are from the BGs. World duels are meaningless since the stat templates aren't reflective of what happens in the instanced PvP zones.

With the changes to how gear works and the lowering of the skill-ceiling via pruning it is generally difficult to win 1vNs in Legion on any class that I've played so far but warrior is definitely one of (if not) the hardest.

Warriors got hit hard in the self-sustain department. You can compare this movie to the 1v2s, 1v3s, and 1v4s from my WoD movies to see that. I think the normalization of gear is a good thing but the lowering of the skill ceiling is not so good.

Here are my WoD Fury 1vN movies for that comparison:

Some suggestions for improvement:

1. Fury really needs a defensive CD to handle 1v2s or getting focused. I can understand if they don't want to give it a legit heal, but I can't see any justification for not having a good defensive CD.

2. Arms feels fine to me. A legit heal would be nice but, again understandable that they don't want to give every class self-healing like they did in WoD.

3. We should not have to chose between control via Stormbolt/Shockwave and mobility via Double Charge. Stormbolt should be baseline. Shockwave should be a talent upgrade/replacement for Stormbolt. Stormbolt could be replaced in the talent tree with something like stun on charge or longer range charge.

4. The enrage effect for Fury is just kind of ridiculous to have in a PvP setting. I actually avoid every single talent or ability that increases Bloodthirst's chance to crit to lower my chance of being enraged. I don't even have Furious Slash on my action bar.

The fact that I feel compelled to completely avoid the 'class fantasy' core abilities to reduce my enrage uptime is indicative of bad design.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the movie. :)
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