Rogue Solo 10 Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring: Sha of Fear [4/4] by Koshi (Sakuzyo)
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Frostmourne ( Bloodlust )
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Song: 十六夜咲夜 - ARA
Filmed via [email protected]
Item level: 728

This one was tough but very fun. Sad to say but Class Trinket is a requirement for this fight to go well.

First off there is a talent choice that needs to be made here.

On the level 90 talent row select Marked for Death. This is needed to quickly dispatch the protector and for the Dread Spawn while inside the Dread Expanse phase.

Phase one starts off exactly the same in that he will send you to a different platform after 40~ seconds have elapsed. Remember to use Cloak of Shadows to negate the reaching Strike

On Heroic Sha of Fear is granted a new phase which begins at 66%. Once Sha of Fear has been brought to 66% he will pull you into the Dread Expanse. Note that if you have used all of your CDs in phase one they will reset once inside the Dread Expanse.

While inside the Dread Expanse you will be permanently rooted in place (You can still Killing Spree). Additionally the Sha now has a few new abilities.

The first is a new form of Thrash called Dread Thrash. This causes the Sha to strike the Rogue 6 additional times on every fourth Thrash cast.

Next is Implacable Strike. This deals massive damage and should be feinted. Additionally Killing Spree can be used to avoid this, but do not use Killing spree if Dread Spawns are close by.

The Sha also now debuffs the player with "Naked and Afraid" this causes your dodge chance and parry chance to be fully negated. This is an unavoidable mechanic and just means you need to be ready to use a health potion if called for.

The Sha will also cast an ability called Water spout that deals moderate AoE damage and this should simply be feinted.

Now for the main wipe mechanic. Submerge. Periodically the Sha of Fear will Submerge summoning a Dread spawn add. This Dread spawn will make its way towards the player with Pure light. If the Spawn reaches you it will one shot you with Eternal Darkness. Additionally the number of Dread Spawn that spawn is increased based off of the remaining health the Sha of Fear has. This is where the Class Trinket is needed because it allows us to Eviscerate from 20 yards. Importantly it is advised to have Moderate or Deep Insight when the Dread spawn come into range so that you can kill each one very quickly.

If the Sha submerges and spawns 3 Dread Spawn he needs to die now as it will be incredibly difficult to quickly dispatch all three Dread Spawn. I barely got this kill and it was a pretty heart-racing experience.
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