Flying In Classic Dungeons (Part 1) by VOTU
Class: Priest | Category: Underground | Server : US - Area 52 ( Retaliation )
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Hello viewers, today I'm exploring some classic dungeons with the use of Firebird's Challenge from the Darkmoon Faire. Scholomance, Stratholme, and Dire Maul explorations are included in this video.

Simply enable offline mode by spamming enter on realm list, hitting cancel, and relogging back into the game. Once you have offline mode enabled, use the dialogue to start the challenge, and immediately enter the dungeon via some sort of port. (Dungeon Finder, Summon, Etc). Once you're ported in and start flying use a D/C macro to keep the flying effect.

D/C Macro: DC Macro: /run for v=1,500 do for i = 1,GetNumFactions() do SetWatchedFactionIndex(i) end end

Music: CMA - Within Our Reach

Thanks for watching, hope everyone enjoys! ~VoTuUS

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