Mitz - Alter Time by Mitzter
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Sylvanas ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
Hello again
I decided to try something new this time. This movie includes a very vague storyline, machinima(inspired by a certain someone), and me playing as a Death Knight. I've wanted to make a DK movie since early WotLK, and since there aren't many around, I thought i'd make this. If the storyline is too vague for you feel free to comment and share what you imagined, I'm quite interested in reading the alternate viewpoints that you can come up with.

I had numerous problems with my Sony Vegas, it kept bugging out when I started putting in a lot of effects so I had to take some out, they wouldn't render properly and I literally tried everything to fix it. I also had issues with rendering, Sony Vegas would continue crashing over and over during the rendering process, which forced me to render this at least 20 times(which is why there's a few editting mistakes that i can't bother fixing anymore) until it finally rendered properly on some odd settings. Overall I'm not as satisfied with this as I should be but I still tried to make the most out of this and I hope you can enjoy what I'm delivering at the moment in its current state.

What to expect:
My first attempt at Machinima and incorporating a storyline into my movie.
Death knight world pvp at isle of thunder
A few mistakes
Average, to above average opponents, most of which are undergeared
No engineering
No Arenas
No wubwubwubwubwubwubwhjdusbhfiadalfvnahs

Tracklist (in order):
City of the Fallen - Archangel
Darkseed - Black Throne
Evans Blue - Beyond the Stars
Miroist - 29%
City of the Fallen - Seraphim
Dark Tranquility - For Broken Words
City of the Fallen - The Road Less Travelled

Special thanks for everyone that helped me and supported me in making this movie. You know who you are.
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