War of the Shifting Sands episode 1 by Miriql
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Movie Summary
Robin Shield and Grufgar Brassbrew find themselves in trouble, when they find a magical weapon to save themselves. Little do they know, this weapon is part of a great legend of the past... that is about to become the future.

War of the Shifting Sands
Machinima by MiriQL Movies

Produced by Exile guild on Magtheridon-EU

Based on the novel "War of the Shifting Sands" by Micky Neilson.
Characters and models copyright belong to Blizzard Entertainment.

​Movie production​

​Made with - Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 12​ by MiriQL Movies
Voice change effects - Sony Vegas and Goldwave by MiriQL Movies
The World of Warcraft background - Blizzard Entertainment and captured by MiriQL Movies
Character models and spell effects - Wowmodelviewer
Movie capture program - Fraps
Movie special effects - Sony Vegas by MiriQL Movies
Original story - By Micky Neilson
This story - By MiriQL Movies


All music is licensed by their original authors:
Two Steps From Hell
Blizzard Entertainment
Cue Factory Music
​Track list is too long, all their production is great​

All voice actors are normal WoW players, there are no professionals involved, except the music composers. Thanks to Alief for the nice picture.

​Thank you for watching​
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