Myskillkills 1: The Snipetastic by Georgiy Komarov
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Warsong ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary
Vanilla WoW...
A place, where there were no resilence and difference between PvP and PvE gear...
A place, where hunters couldn't shoot while moving and had a deadzone. A place, where you had to use "shoot" ability to start shooting, and right-clicking on your enemy only made you entering a melee fighting stance. A place, where viper sting had no cooldown and scorpid sting used to lower enemy's agility and strength. A place, where hunters could not use traps in combat and they had only 15 seconds cooldowns... A place, where disengage ability used to only reduce your threat in melee range, and where deterrance ability gave you 25% chance of parry and dodge for 10 seconds...
A place, where blind used to be a poison and could be dispelled, and mages had no hypotermia debuff and could iceblock twice in a row.
A place, where warlocks could simply oneshot you in blue gear, a place, where all crowd controls lasted up their full duration up to 30 seconds...
A place, where everything was allowed to survive and to remain the only one last standing!

I'm hoping to revive your feeling of this amazing vanilla WoW experience, and here is the video of hunter's vanilla PvP in nearly the best PvP and PvE available gear, with the use of nearly everything useful in this game.

Video contains:
- about 40 minutes of PvP, 95% of which is world PvP.
- about 15 minutes of storyline and other machinima.
- rogue and mage PvP clips and duels with them.
Rogue - Sarriki (
Mage - Almine (
As well as:
- some unusual effects in PvP parts to make it more entertaining.
- post-hardcore, metalcore, and sometimes death metal and hard rock music, that fits better than any other music in my opinion.
- subtitles for storyline and machinima to make it more comfortable to watch.

Video is:
- 1280x720 High Definition resolution.
- 1 hour and 7 minutes long.
- about ~2.7GB size.
I tried to render it 4 times, what takes about 7 hours for each of it, but still there are some bugs in rendering, so don't blame me, I tried my best:(

Myskillkills PvP parts, Almine PvP part made by - Myskillkills.
Sarriki PvP part made by - Sarriki.
Storyline and machinima made by - Myskillkills.
Voices captured and edited for storyline and machinima by - Myskillkills.


Keep in mind that its my FIRST serious work, I've never done something like this before. And, of course, it is far from ideal, from my own gameplay and up to editing, voice and video quality. Its made by me and its not any kind of professional in any place, and I'm not claiming it to be so anyhow. This video is made only for fun watching and to make me having some memories of the best vanilla private server I played on.
Yes, its long, but I hope you guys will enjoy watching it for the first time, especially when its vanilla: a really unbalanced, really world PvP-like and forgotten place by everyone!
And also... Sorry for my bad english here and either in the movie itself, since I'm a native russian, and my english is far from ideal.

If you will have any questions about addons, macros, or maybe editing (in what I'm really not sure), feel free to ask!
My vkontakte id:

Have a good watch!

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