DK solo: Sha of Fear - The Sweet Taste of Revenge #Worldfirst# by raegwyn
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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50% of my wipes occured because random FPS drops or even freezes
if you like to help me out getting a new PC you can donate here:
(i promise to spent it only for alcohol or new gaming equipment aka a PC that can handle Streaming)

Raegwynsolo (now on Stormscale EU) soloing T14 endboss before t15 is over hmmkay
3 months and 30+ itemlevel difference, same opponent, same buttons pressed

As i expected in my other sha vid which you can find here: this kill was a big disappointment. i dealed almost 3 times the damage that i did in my other video while outhealing it wasnt an issue this time.
So i basically just had to keep trying till the RNG gods like me to beat the enrage and the real Challenge was gone...
I used as much DPS gear as i had what basically means unupgraded dps gear + lots of upgraded tankgear with critgems and critreforge.

Originally i didnt want to release a video of this boss because of how disappointing DPS races feel. But well, i didnt release something since a while, and its the freaking Contentendboss of T14 soooo Yeah... (and the killshot is just prizeless)
You should still read the description of my Sha of Berserk video to understand why i dont make videos for any solokill i do.

I promised to Thank various people for helping me getting this possible so thx to: my whole guild for gear, Ediel, Rooney, Miabella!!!, Chrispotter, Niyalor, Xalathras, Pehmil, Fittfejesbois, Hayek, Myst�gam, Jhoppe, Lazyfell�w, DJgh�st, Noscopeheals, and various Russians which names i cant write and anyone else i forgot^^

Very Special Thanks to Hayek for giving me tha lootz i needed


EnV - Vee
EnV - Paladin
(Support this Awesome artist!!!)
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