World of Warcraft Secret Quests by Reznik
Class: Shaman | Category: Other | Server : EU - Drak'thul ( Reckoning )
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Hidden, secret, test, old and GM quests in WoW.

-This video just showing secret quests that were datamined from the live servers and ,mostly on the test sandbox nothing more (note for retards who don't uderstand video info and movie title), so comments like "private server" or "fake" is stupid because does not make sense, all these quests are real. You can try it yourself datamining. These quests exist in the wowhead database, but the normal search does not find most of them, you must know the exact name or id... Or do you must have a link. None of these quests never been available for normal players. Designer Island, Programmer Isle and Development Land is real zones, but are not accessible to normal players (more on my YT channel).

- But don't worry be happy :-) For each obtain some quest in wow is there some way. For example, my shaman has a "Clayton's Quest: Extreme!!" although it is not possible...
Wowhead Secret Quests List Download (links)

- You can actualy link of these quests ingame and click to see. Is a method for you to verify that these quests are real.
Celldweller - Goodbye/We Will Rock You (Cellmate Mix)
Mindless Self Indulgence - You'll Rebel To Anything
Pendulum - Self Vs Self (feat In Flames)
Sony Vegas 7a, Fraps 3.4.7, WoW Machinima Tools
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