Blizzard Development Map Exploration by Reznik
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The Development (MapID 451) , if not the most secret/unseen, one of the legendary map to explore. Still the most secret & hardest to get and fully explore map ever made by Blizzard. This map is still develops, Blizzard designers are trying here different things. Most people know the develpment map as two places, Programmer Isle and Designer Island. These "islands" exist in the files of WoW only in Vanilla, were then removed. But these two places are only a small part of the huge map. This must be called as the "Last Exploration Achievement" :-)

The map consists of 655 ADT, for example Deepholm consists of 100. Development is huge, and features several zones & subzones:

-Dead Man's Hole
-Jeff NE Quadrant Changed
-Jeff NW Quadrant
-Jeff SE Quadrant
-Jeff SW Quadrant
-Chunk Test
-Pattymack Land

-Sub Zone
-claytonio test area

-Claytön's WoWEdit Land
-Bernau's Happy Fun Land

...and unclassified subzone "Brian and Pat Test"

Here is an incomplete list of quests taking place in development:

-The Pattymac Special
-Omar's Test Quest

-Kanrethad's Quest
-Test Kill Quest
-[TXT] Goblin Savages
-One Shot, One Kill
-Clayton's Quest: Extreme!!
-Test Quest - Craig
-Can You Get This Quest While I'm In Combat?
-If You're Reading This While I'm In Combat...

Those files aren't really meant to be used on a retail client as some PM4 files are shipped along with the ADTs, holding some coords & several values of unknown purpose (they could either be used by WoWEdit, or for pathing some server informations for phasing & other dynamic content).

There are obviously a lot of missing files, and quite a few are 0Kb sized. Several map chuncks either miss the objects or the ground under them we could expect to find when looking at minimaps.

The archive contains all the development files retrieved from Blizzard, even the useless ones. Most of the map is incomplete (either miss terrain/textures/objects). The WDL will be taunting you constantly with vanishing landscapes all around.
Paul Oakenfold - Zoo York
Airwave - God Surrounds Us
Celldweller - Welcome To The End
Sony Vegas 7a, Fraps 3.4.7, WoW Machinima Tools
Thanks to Andros, MoD, VX2, Schlumpf
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