World of Warcraft Secret Items by Reznik
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Hidden, secret, test, old and GM items in WoW. All started when I noticed that a lot of people and even GM dont know the truth about "Bengal Tiger". So I decided to clarify this myth once and for all and no list exist anywhere of hidden and secret items...

-This video just showing secret items that were datamined from the live servers on the test sandbox nothing more (note for retards who don't uderstand video info and movie title), so comments like "private server" or "fake" is stupid because does not make sense, all these Items are real. You can try it yourself datamining. These Items exist in the wowhead database and / blizzard database, but the normal search does not find most of them, you must know the exact name or id... Or do you must have a link. None of these items never been available from patch 1.0.0.

-Some Facts: The legendary talisman was obtained by one warrior (Savorx(new name) - Blackrock US) ingame in Molten Core raid, he got it due to a bug in boss drop. I wasn't supposed to be on live servers, but he got to keep it. Same with the Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider, a GM accidently? Sent it to a player (EU English realm) and he got to keep it aswell. Martin Fury, the shirt, was accidently given to a player (Karatechop - Vek'nilash US) who got world firsts (ofc not legit kills), in Ulduar using that item. He got banned...

-This item is not available to players - in other words, it is hidden and because I showed the things that you have never seen before, so you are automatically classified secret. -
- For those who do not know about Ashbringer:
Yes, there were then a few quests around Ashbringer, but it was not possible to obtain. This is one of the biggest myths in wow. Ashbringer NEVER been available, only Corrupted Ashbringer and Corrupted was been removed in WotLK, because Naxxramas was moved to Northrend. Ahsbringer was only datamined.

- Statement Blizzard - Eyonix (European GM Response on Ashbringer 2006-02-24):
it's true that currently Ashbringer is not in the game, although one day in the future it will be, but not until after there is an awesome legendary item for casters. ;)

-No, 255 is maximum level, 90 level cap is set for normal players.

- 03:09 Hyjal old version, more on my YT channel.

- 03:35 Old Ironforge, WotLK version, more on my YT channel.

- 04:23 GM Island, real zone in Kalimdor, contested, more on my channel (he who is on GM Island is not necessarily GM, on my YT channel I showed 4 methods to get there on the live server)

- 04:56 Emerald Dream, unreleased 40 man raid - Emerald Forest and Emerald Canyon with texture pack (finished alpha layers) from me, more (how get there etc) on my YT channel. The Emerald Dream, and how it looked back around the release of World of Warcraft:

"The Emerald Dream is shaping up to be extremely cool. We don't want to preview any of that content yet as it is *endgame* and we want some surprises for players. The zone is massive and beautiful. And once the content team is done with it, it will be exceedingly challenging :-) Actually, we have some pretty cool stuff planned for druids. They will definitely have a link to the Emerald Dream. There's also a zone on the way to the peak of Mount Hyjal called Moonglade that will be very core to druid characters. Our *master of Warcraft lore*, Chris Metzen, is never short on ideas when it comes to the druid class. I was running around the Emerald Dream last Thursday... you guys are in for a treat. The level designers are doing a killer job." - Jeff Kaplan, December 06 2003

- 06:21 GM Prison on GM Island (in mountain behind house), more on my YT channel.

- 10:47 Azshara Crater, unreleased 40 man Battleground more on my YT channel.

- 11:55 Old Karazhan - Medivh Tower from leaked "WoW 0.5.3 Friends and Family" Dec 11 2003 client, more on my YT channel.

- 13:20 Old Outland, more (how get there etc) about Outland versions on my YT channel.

- 13:33 Old Outland Deadmines version, more on my YT channel.
Wowhead Secret Items List Download (links)

- You can actualy link of these items ingame and shift right click to see. Is a method for you to verify that these Items are real.

- But don't worry be happy :-) For each obtain some item in wow is there some way. For example, my shaman has a Blood Knight Tabard although it is not possible.
Pendulum - The Tempest
Mindless Self Indulgence - Never Wanted to Dance [The Birthday Massacre Pansy Mix]
Celldweller - The Best It's Gonna Get
LK Armor by Inco
Toyota HiLux V6 by L'Lawliet (Joke and reference -
Sony Vegas 7a, Fraps 3.4.7, WoW Machinima Tools
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