Vanguards 7 - That Wings 3000+ Ret PvP Arena by Vanguards
Class: Unknown | Category: PvP | Server : US - Arena Tournament
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Vanguards's Arena Team 1
Vanguards Sodahs Mes
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Vanguards's Arena Team 2
Vidra Vanguards
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This is a World of Warcraft PvP montage based on my Ret Paladin, Vanguards. A lot of the clips were based on Ret Dk Priest "Vanguards Cleave" on the tournament realm.

Some of my accomplishments:
- Gladiator S7
- Gladiator S8 3005 Rated
- Vicious Gladiator S9 3060 Rated and was temporary the highest rated team in the world. Was also the only paladin in the USA to achieve rank 1 in 3s.
- Ruthless Gladiator S10
- Achieved Rank 1 and 2 on the Blizzard Arena Tournament Realm 2012 in S11.

Music was by Rameses B!
Song 1: Rameses B - The Beginning
Song 2: Rameses B - Memoirs
Song 3: Rameses B - Game of Thrones
Song 4: Rameses B - Sphere

Make sure to check out Rameses B pages:

I would like to thank my teammates:
Mes - Death Knight
Sodahs - Discipline Priest
Cdew - Discipline Priest
Vidra - Frost Mage

Special thanks to my opponents and the people who support me! Please keep in mind while all the clips displayed in the videos were wins, there were also loses. Many of the opponents here are top notched and have beaten us before.

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