Preparing your PvP movie by Deluxo
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Deluxo Edition is dead, i hope this tutorial can still be of use to you.

Load pls keke~~

Third tutorial, but not about Sony Vegas, but how you can prepare your movie. You can actually just listen to this in the background like a podcast, only thing you want to see is Fraps and

0:40 Fraps explained
5:10 Content ratings
10:20 Tips for music usage
16:35 Promotional business

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Deluxo Edition promotional video




Check the interview section for the interview with Rethen

Check the interview section for the interview with Trigshady

Manian - Turn The Tide 2K8 [Dave Darell Remix]
Marcus - The Arena
Adhesive_boy - Super Mario World Da Phunky Forest OC ReMix
Alex Fruen - Mega Man 2 Heatman (Ignition Mix) OC ReMix
Joshua Morse - Ragnarok Online Hamadatan OC ReMix

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