Warlock PvP Guide (Toastmonster) by ProjectileLeprosy
Class: Warlock | Category: How To/Guides | Server : EU - Auchindoun ( Vindication )
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In this video I'll be going over the basics of a warlock in the current patch, including gear, macros, talents, glyphs, and general tips.



/castsequence Fel Armor, Demon Armor

#showtooltip Banish
/cast [target=mouseover, exists] Banish; Banish

#showtooltip Spell Lock
/cast [target=focus] Spell Lock

/cast [target=mouseover] Fel Flame
/cast [target=mouseover] Devour Magic

/cast [target=focus] Curse of Tongues

#showtooltip Demon Soul
/cast Lifeblood
/use Ruthless Gladiator's Badge of Dominance
/use Bottled Wishes
/cast Demon Soul

/cast [target=focus] Death Coil

/cast [target=arena1,exists] Fear; Fear

/cast [target=arena2] Fear

/cast [target=arena3] Fear

/cast [@focus] Soul Swap
Juked: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/juked

Music by Positively Dark:
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