Don't whine abt Blood DK's by Ayoko
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Khaz'goroth ( Verderbnis )
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(this is not a skill showcase!)
I play a blood dk too because it's fun and i agree that a blood dk doesnt need much skill to own in rnd BGs but the community is crying day by day about Blood DK's in random BGs so i just uploaded that clip to show those ppl who whine in the forums that a blood dk is unbeatable that it's just not true. Even a Blood Dk needs less skill, most of them are rerollers who just cannot play the class well and so ppl should find their way to kill them instead of whining for weeks now.

( The Vengeance nerf might make some rerollers leave their class again but unlike ppl think it wont change anything cause it has nothing to do with the survivability of a blood dk and he will still do nice damage to its targets )
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