Unlimited Escapism vol. 5 by BaronSoosdon
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Movie Summary

On a planet of panic, in a time of ghosts and technology, four astronomers and an adventurer search for fame. But they are quickly devoured by cybernetic lesbian vampires.

Only a paladin who has explored his sexuality and eaten pudding in Icecrown Citadel with Arthas can save the world.

Or can he?

His mind is tormented with thoughts and visions of horrifying Justin Bieberish music - like Linkin Park and Disturbed. Can the paladin become free of such filth or shall he kill himself? An infernal porno-philosopher is also featured.

There is a slight chance that the description above is complete and utter bullshit.

Unlimited Escapism vol. 5 may or may not be just like the other UE movies, except that this time private server was barely used for filming. All the characters you see (except for the UD hunter and goblin priest in T5) are my actual toons.

The heavy effect usage is also a thing of escapisms past.. no glow filters! No lensflares! WHERE IN THE HELL IS THIS WORLD GOING TO?

Model viewer was not touched at all. Who needs it anyways?

Malu05's WoW machinima tool was used for almost everything. Most notably for the Depth of Field effect and slowed down animations.

But what is most certainly certain, Unlimited Escapism vol. 5 will be the last in the series. I got nothing more to give to the UE series, everything that can be shown - has been shown.

But I'll promise to reconsider in the next four years or two expansions, should I still be interested in WoW & machinima.

To get the most out of UEv5 I recommend downloading it and viewing it using the biggest screen-speaker combination possible.

Music used:
Rebecca Bieber & Burzum feat. Justin Black - Dunkelheit Friday (DJ Varg remix)

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The YouTube version is blocked at least in the US. If you don't wanna download, use the Vimeo version instead.


If this version is not trippy enough to connect you to the everythingness and the universe, please do use this alternate link: click click
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